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Dr Nicole Sokol

Clinical Psychologist & Coach
Masters of Clinical Psychology PhD (MQ)Bachelor of Psychology Honours Class 1 University Medal (UNSW)Member of the Australian Clinical Psychology Association

As a Sydney-based clinical psychologist and coach, Nicole is committed to delivering evidence-based and client-centred therapeutic interventions to people of all ages.

Qualifications and Clinical Experience:

Nicole completed eight years of tertiary education in psychology which included both clinical training and research. She received several academic awards during her studies and her PhD on school bullying was awarded the Vice Chancellor Commendation.

Nicole draws upon significant clinical experience in both the public and private sectors and across both inpatient and outpatient settings. Over the years, Nicole has had the privilege of supporting children, adolescents, and adults experiencing a broad range of clinical concerns and general life challenges.

Nicole has gained specialised experience working with children, adolescents, young adults, parents, and families while working at Headspace, in schools, and within several NSW Health Child and Family Teams. She has a special interest in supporting parents as they navigate the challenges of parenthood and believes this work is central to ensuring emotional well-being throughout the family system. As the Mum of two young children, she understands firsthand the everyday joys and tribulations of parenting and the importance of having circles of support around you so that you can be the parent you want to be.

Nicole is passionate about psychology and committed to ongoing professional development so that she can offer her clients diverse and tailored interventions based on the latest scientific research. She also considers her clients to be her greatest teachers and does not take for granted the wisdom she has gained from them.

Nicole’s Approach:

Appreciating how difficult it can be to seek support, Nicole focusses on creating a safe and compassionate space and building a strong therapeutic relationship from the first point of contact. Adopting a curious and non-judgmental stance, she strives to genuinely understand each individual and integrates a variety of evidence-based therapeutic approaches to meet their unique needs.

Combining a warm, approachable style with a practical, strengths-based approach, Nicole works to empower her clients to become active change agents in their own lives. With adults and young people alike, she works collaboratively to understand current problems in their context as a means of building awareness, cultivating self-compassion, and identifying avenues and opportunities for change in the client’s valued direction.

Nicole believes in the power of being truly seen and truly heard. Time and again, she has witnessed how the safety of a connected relationship enables individuals to access the courage and confidence to look inward, clarify their vision and experiment with new ways of being in the world.

Nicole brings compassionate inquiry, creative solutions, and a sense of humour to her work as she offers individuals and families the opportunity to gain insights, master new skills, build resilience, and work towards their goals.